Finding Africa Workshop: King’s College London: 22nd June 2018

Finding Africa held a workshop in June at King’s College London that brought together the project team of Drs Vincent Hiribarren and Geoff Browell from King’s and Pete Vox from the web development company, IMAGIZ, and a cross section of UK archivists with prominent Africa related collections, such as SOAS, digital humanities scholars with an African focus, notably from King’s, and historians of Africa. The … Continue reading Finding Africa Workshop: King’s College London: 22nd June 2018

Archives In Africa: Aggregation for Global Research

By: Rosalie Lack, Project Manager, UCLA Library Rosalie has worked as a Digital Librarian for over 15 years at the University for California and at EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries). Currently Project Manager at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), for the International Digital Ephemera Project (IDEP) collaborating with partners in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East to digitize at-risk content. Previously Product … Continue reading Archives In Africa: Aggregation for Global Research

Calling New Professionals

AIM25 is an educational charity supporting the development of and public access to historical archives held in the London area. We are currently seeking at least two enthusiastic volunteers to help support this service. AIM25 has been a pioneering archival service for nearly twenty years, managing both the UK Archival Thesaurus (UKAT) as well as a website that currently publishes 18,000 collection level descriptions of archives held … Continue reading Calling New Professionals

VSO Project at the National Archives of The Gambia

By: Richard Temple, Senate House Library, University of London. I had been working as an archivist for nearly a decade, beginning at Nuffield College, Oxford and then, after that, at the Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick. In September of that year, I headed for The Gambia in West Africa to begin a VSO project at the National Records Service (NRS) in Banjul. Continue reading VSO Project at the National Archives of The Gambia



Archives Africa is working closely with valued partners including SCOLMA. SCOLMA aims to provide information and advice on Africana collections to academics, students and other researchers and to monitor, co-ordinate and improve the acquisition, preservation and promotion of material for African studies. SCOLMA (the UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa) was founded in 1962 as a forum for librarians, archivists and others concerned with … Continue reading SCOLMA

Madagascar: Treaty with Britain: 1865

À Propos Du Projet

Ce nouveau projet n’est pas la première collaboration entre les archives nationales de Madagascar et King’s College London. Sylvie Sahondra Andriamihamina Ravoniharoson, directrice des archives nationales de Madagascar et Vincent Hiribarren, maitre de conférences en histoire de l’Afrique contemporaine, ont ainsi déjà travaillé ensemble pour le programme Endangered Archives de la British Library (avec le financement d’Arcadia). Ces deux projets sont une parfaite illustration des … Continue reading À Propos Du Projet